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Fists of fury

So I had my belt test for Tae Kwon Do last Wednesday and I have been awarded gup 4 (grade four or more commonly known as a blue belt).

Unfortunately I now have a fucking huge bruise that is all shades of pretty.  But I guess you take a little you give a little, even tho the thing still hurts like a mother fucker.


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meet my lama

my pet!

so everyone... this is Lilly.
Lilly... this is everyone!

Christmas Naughty or Nice List

I am on the The Nice List

After checking the North Pole database I had :

2,578 nice entries
259 naughty entries
Check your name on the Christmas Naughty or Nice List at JokesUnlimited.com

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Haiku2 for candianne1
xmas stocking leave a
gift for running arround like
a mad woman yay
Created by Grahame

My Xmas Stocking

So i found this on anteka's LJ and thought it was cute(i still can't do that thingy where you click on the name and it goes to there site. can someone help me with that?).
happy holidays!!!!

my xmas stockingCollapse )

ETA: anteka HA I GOT IT!! YAY ME!!
so these are a couple icons i have made. nevermind, i can't get them to load.
so i went to yorkton this weekend for a taekwondo tournament.
it was amazing. i didn't win any metals but my sister won 2(a gold for her patterns, and a bronz for sparing-which id fighting-) and my mom one a silver metal for sparing.
i was able to get some experience coaching, and had a great time.

i'm a purple belt.

now this isn't me but it is a great picture of someone doing tage 4.
wpe5.jpg (2002 bytes)wpe6.jpg (2509 bytes)wpe4.jpg (2295 bytes)wpe3.jpg (2183 bytes)wpe2.jpg (2489 bytes)wpe1.jpg (1664 bytes)
my instructor gave me a medal as a gift for running arround like a mad woman! yay for me (although it is an old provincials team trials medal, i still like it!)
so i had a great weekend.
friday i had ppl over and didn't get to bed untill 1:30, then had to get up at 6 to get geady for work.
on saturday night i babysat and then today i had to work at 6 in the morning.
exhaustion is definatly setting in now!


come to the dark side
Dean and Sam are man enough to hug

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